University Hospital of Wales Paediatric Intensive Care Unit Guideline Printed on Wed 23-jul-08
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Vision BiPAP

1. Connect ventilator to air and oxygen supply
2. Connect to power supply
3. Turn power on (power switch on rear of unit).
4. The machine will self-test (12 secs).
To select menu options on this ventilator, the choices are displayed on the screen, and there are buttons alongside either side. Press the button corresponding to your choice, then use the rotary knob at the bottom right of the panel to change the parameter. Press the button again to confirm the change.
5. Screen will offer option to TEST EXH PORT - press button beside this option.
6. Follow on-screen instructions, keeping the face mask occluded. There is an exhalation port in the circuit just proximal to the face mask assembly - this should not be occluded.
7. Press the monitoring screen display button at the end of the test procedure (see symbol key). The ventilator will now start up in the mode and settings it was last operated in.
8. Press change mode button to select. There are three modes.
b. S/T - Support/ Timed (pressure support with PEEP)
c. PAV/T mode - Proportional Assist Ventilation/ Timed (not usually used on PICU)
Only two modes will be offered, as the machine will already be operating in one mode.
9. After selecting the mode, press the ACIVATE NEW MODE button which will appear in the lower left of the device screen.
10. Change parameters button, and select desired values of IPAP/ EPAP or CPAP
11. The ventilator can now be attached to the patient using the tight fitting face mask.
12. Pressing the Monitoring display key will display graphical readouts of Pressure, Volume and Flow.

The Vision BiPAP ventilator will usually be used with a humidified circuit in young children, although in adults humidifiers are not routinely used. There is no consensus regarding age/ weight cut offs for the use of humidification.