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Pandemic flu preparation

In accordance with DOH guidance, we are in the process of firming up our policies and procedures in the case of a flu pandemic.

The latest DOH guidance is available online:

DoH SURGE document

In line with DOH guidance, we have plans to increase the capacity of Paediatric Intensive Care by 100%, from 7 to 14 beds. We will achieve this by converting HDU to ICU beds. The unit will however not be run to the current standards as there will not be staff available to do so.

There is a link below to a phased response document for paediatric intensive care in South Wales based on Appendix 13 from the DOH SURGE document for your consideration.

There is also a link to a DOH document on care of the critically ill child in abnormal circumstances for your information. Taking a more practical approach, I attach action points detailing what needs to happen currently.

I welcome any constructive suggestions and comments from clinicians in South Wales.

Lead Clinician in Paediatric Intensive Care

South Wales PICU phased response

DoH document

UHW PICU guidelines

Use the link to find the guidleines for general management of individual patients and organisational management.

PICU H1N1 guidlines

Care Guidelines for pandemic flu in DGH

These have been suggested by the All Wales Paediatric Critical Care Network.

Pandemic flu - Nursing Care

Vital sign normal ranges for children

Ventilation of children in a DGH

Resuscitation chart and calculation guide

The guides below can be rpinted out on a single sheet of A4 for use by the patient's bedside.

Resuscitation chart

Infusion dose calculations

Oseltamivir (Tamiflu) Please note that the dosage recommendations for this have changed often in recent weeks, so the link takes you to a source page for many advice documents - you will need to navigate to the appropriate one yourself.

New guidance is available for prescribing Oseltamavir in children with renal impairment

Zanamivir is available for use in exceptional circumstances as an intravenous preparation.

Useful links and documents

Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Procedure for Viral Sampling

HPA algorithm - management of suspected cases who are contacts

HPA algorithm - management of suspected cases who have no contact history

FAQ regarding FFP-3 masks

Post-exposure prophylaxis